A+ ยป About Us

About Us

The team at A Plus Pal are aspire to revolutionise the way to study.

We recognises a surplus of struggling students that had the potential to succeed but were not properly motivated. The core of our innovation tutoring beliefs emphasis that first and foremost, learning should be made clear and straightforward, not burdensome and unenjoyable. With our experience as students before teachers, we understand the importance of this philosophy.

Unfortunately, studying can become tedious and complicated – especially with boring routines, long hours tedious tutoring and monotonous drills. We challenge the traditional didactic teaching styles commonly employed by other tutorials in order to create a hands-on, engaging curriculum. And most importantly, we assist students to become outstanding achievers who are assets in any environment of the future.

We do more than simply teach our students – we strengthen them.

We are your pal, A+ pal!!