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5 Time Management Tips Before Exam

Has your exam preparation been effective? With less than 50 days until VCE final exam, you should be thinking about how to get better at time management and organise your days. Learn to become more efficient with your time, manage your study, and enjoy the time you have.

Plan your time

Prioritise your goals. It does not have to be in detail, but your goals need to be ranked in the order in which you would like to complete them. Give yourself a manageable range of time and make a list of the goals you must accomplish.

Be flexible but realistic

Realise that your time is valuable. Don’t allow your schedule to fill up with things that do not get you closer to your goals. You will most likely need to learn how to trust and let go in order to accomplish your study. Do not be afraid to alter your goals and plans.

Allow time for planning to avoid repetition

Be prepared and multitask smartly. While multitasking sounds like a great way to manage time, it is actually difficult to successfully pull off. Spend some time on planning your study first and allow your mind to work on the most difficult subject at the time of day when you have the most energy, before moving on to less difficult subjects.

Avoid procrastination and distraction

Remove distractions so you can get into a study mode. If you find yourself having trouble to focus on studying, try turning off your mobile phone, signing out of all social media sites, turning off the television and go someplace quiet.

Ask for help!

Ask questions and get help. As you move through your revision and investigate past exams, it is good to get answers to anything that is confusing. You will find that being able to focus on one task with someone along side will increase your efficiency and understanding. Attend a review session – A Plus Pal offers mini review sessions to help with questions in your studying subject and to develop strategies that will help you crack the exam. This can help you stay focused on the work you are doing while making sure you are working towards the right direction.

After accomplished several goals or become more focused on your tasks, give yourself a small break, exercise to clear your head in between study or even allow yourself some extra sleep. Remember, using past exams, getting help, and planning your time and energy will help you before final exams start. If you found yourself spending several hours on one subject that you just have difficulty to understand or feel like you need extra help, just ask your pal, A Plus Pal.

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