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Do High School Students Really Need an iPad?

In recent years, with the development of paper-less education, more and more students ask their parents for iPad to “assist their learning”. What are the benefits and defects of the iPad? Do you really need an iPad? Instead of buying blindly, it is responsible for both you and your parents to consider the above questions according to your academic performance.

① The Benefits of Paper-Less Study: 

1. Alleviate the heavy load of textbooks. Since there are too many subjects in primary and middle school, students are overloaded by the heavy textbooks. However, by inputting textbook contents into electric devices, the paper-less learning method will significantly alleviate the load of students, facilitating  their learning. 

2. Now the online learning webs and apps have been mature. Students can use those resources according to their needs, such as taking notes, attending online courses and establishing mind maps. When they confront difficulties, they can seek helps on the Internet at any time, instead of costing painstaking efforts to search answers from various reference books. 

3. Since it is easier to use electric devices to store the reference materials, notes and class records. Paper-less study will make the review more convenient.

② The Defects of Paper-less Study: 

1. For high school students, paper-less learning call for more use of electric devices, which will definitely distract students with fairly poor self-control. If students use those devices heavily for entertainment rather than study, they will violate the original purpose of paper-less learning. 

2. Electric devices cannot provide a sense of property. Though this method can improve the learning efficiency, it will shallow students’ impression of knowledge, affecting their learning outcomes. 

3. The electric devices are in quick update but the students’ values are far from mature. Therefore, they may compare their devices just to satisfy their vanities, harming both themselves and their parents.

In early 2020, influenced by the COVID 19 pandemic, all primary and high schools moved the classes to the Internet. According to the data, during the pandemic, electric tools such as iPad enjoyed soaring sales. The paper-less learning, though could be a trend, but may not be necessary for primary and middle school students. Therefore,you need to consider comprehensively based on your own condition.