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During School Holiday, How to Concentrate on Learning at Home?

Again, time for school holiday. From primary school students to university students, school holiday is a proper time for them to surpass others. Though in holiday, the learning atmosphere is not as pressing as in school, to make full use of your holiday, you still need to arrange your study reasonably and cherish the valuable time totally belonging to you. During this time, however, most of you cannot learn as systematically as in school. So, how to tackle this problem? Here list three advice for your reference.

① Make a holiday plan. List the learning tasks in a form, for example: preview the first five chapters of Further Maths, or review Maths Methods knowledge points grouped in VCE topics etc. If you can make a general holiday plan, your relevant goals will become clear. There is no need to make a difficult and compact plan. Arrange the tasks reasonably with enough time for entertainment, you can achieve your goals more successfully.

② After making the general plan, you should arrange your daily tasks in your plan and detailed to every date, for example:
10:00 – chapter 1 of Further Maths Review;
14:00- chapter 2 of the Physics, etc.
Such a detailed schedule will push you to complete every task. To improve yourself, it is indispensable to include both relax and learning in your schedule. When you complete a task, relax yourself for decent time, such as taking a walk or having some chats with friends.

③ You can also exchange and share vacation plans online with your classmates and friends to supervise each other, as well as discuss difficult questions and make progress together.

Hope you can make full use of this holiday to improve yourself!