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For Parents: How to Help Children Adjust Their Moods and Learning Approaches in Middle School?

Middle school marks a new life stage of children with significant physical and mental changes. What’s more, the new stage also means the increase of the school subjects and the pressure off the high school entrance exam. Therefore, it is very hard for many students to adjust themselves to those changes. At this time, if parents understand their children’s needs, they can help them out of the adversity effectively.

Year 7: Adjustment plays a fundamental role. In mental aspect, though students in Year 7 are at the door of adolescence, they still remain some physical and mental immaturity of children. Though they do not want parents’ interference in daily life, they need the help from parents and teachers when they meet difficulties. In learning aspect, due to the increase of subjects and relevant learning complexity, students may feel much more overloaded in learning. At this time, it is important for them to adjust themselves to the new environment and develop healthy learning habits, laying the solid foundation for further learning. Parents need to keep tracing their children’s states and give a helping hand immediately when necessary.

Year 8: Solid knowledge foundation makes progress easy. At this stage, the difficulty is the division, including the division of subjects, the addition of Physics and the increase in difficulties of other subjects. Since in Year 9, the time for systematic review is very limited, and the review pressure becomes overwhelming, it is necessary for Year 8 students to consolidate their knowledge foundation and fill the relevant loopholes. Physics, as a new subject, provides students with an opportunity for learning form zero and ranking again. Keep a high Physics grades form the very start of learning can drive out students’ good performance in other subjects. Students also need to prepare for high school entrance exam in advance. If they pre-learn the knowledge of the Year 9, they can alleviate the subsequent pressure and face the exam with more comfort and confidence.

Year 9: Efficient preparation for exam leads to high scores. Year 9 is a year of high pressure, as well as a year for rapid progress. The new subject-Chemistry- provides students with a new opportunity to climb the academic ladder from the bottom to the top. They should strive to summarise the framework of knowledge comprehensively, use the knowledge flexibly, and fill the loopholes of their knowledge bank immediately, as well as strengthen their advantages and eliminate their weak links to improve their test ability.