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How to Adjust the Mindset in the Last Month before VCE?

With the end of the Term 3, comes the last month before the VCE. At this time, it is inevitable for many Year 12 students to feel anxious. They thought they mastered the knowledge, but are still struggling with relevant questions. Targeting on their different situations, A Plus Pal lists some methods below for stress alleviation and mindset adjustment to help VCE students tackle their problems.

Many students will become pessimistic towards VCE due to their unsatisfactory performance in mock exams. Here I’d like to say, the scores of any mock exam can not determine those of the VCE, because the atmospheres and the students’ moods in both exams are totally different. What’s more, most mock exams are prepared by school teachers. Although the mock exam papers looked similar to VCE ones, they actually resemble them a little. Many tests have shown that the circumstance of the genuine VCE can bring out students’ potential, and thus help them to perform their best.

Then, some students suffer the unsatisfactory performance in one or two specific subjects. This reminds me of my own experience. When I was in Year 12, I got rather poor scores in one specific subject. Every time I attended that subject’s class, I felt myself depressed. However, instead of giving up, I made every effort to master the basic knowledge to gain more scores in exams. It is proved that a certain percent of VCE questions are related to the basic knowledge, which is exactly the key for those students to improving their grades. In the last month, it is the reinforcement of basic knowledge that can improve the grades most efficiently and effectively.

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Many people regard a relaxed mood as the best mindset towards VCE. Excessive relaxation, however, can impede students’ performance. On the contrary, exerting stress on themselves properly will make students more sober in exams. Every year, before the VCE, the Year 12 students will get several days off to adjust themselves. They should use those days to rearrange their life schedule according to the VCE timetable, review the questions erred frequently, and strengthen the basic knowledge of every subject to keep their best performance and gain their ideal grades in VCE.