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How to Alleviate Anxiety before VCE?

Although the last VCE, affected by the COVID 19, is still lingering in our memory, it has actually passed a whole year, a year of bountiful changes. Since the pandemic is gradually put under control, we have returned into our normal life. Now, as the VCE is coming, many Year 12 students prepare for this final battle with a complex mood. How to alleviate the anxiety before VCE? Here list the methods.

  1. Habit alleviation
    You can shift your attention from anxiety to your hobbies. For example, if you like listening to music, it is beneficial to use some relaxing music to release your pressure. If you are a fan of painting, it is effective to paint your high school life to relax yourself. There are other choices such as to walk with your families or to dine with your friends. Moderate entertainment can alleviate your anxiety. At this time, however, your priority is still the VCE, which should not be replaced by anything. 
  2. Shift from study state to test state
    Driven by anxiety, many students worry about their performance in VCE. To avoid any loophole in their knowledge banks, they still absorb themselves in intensive learning right before the VCE. Such anxiety about every detail will overwhelm them, impeding their performance in VCE. Therefore, they should shift their study state to test state by rearranging their schedule, keeping a light diet and sticking to a regular lifestyle.
  3. Let anxiety stay
    It is inevitable for you to feel anxious before VCE. Actually, a slight pressure can improve your test performance. Many students regard anxiety as an obstacle to achieving ideal scores. Moderate anxiety, however, can fully bring out your potential.