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How to Choose Your University Major? By Your Interests or follow the Trend?

Every year, as soon as the VCE grades come out, there are many high school graduates troubled about filing their university intention, trying to avoid a wrong choice. Some regard Biology, Chemistry, Environment and Materials as the four worst majors; some think Medicine as the most daunting subject. Should you obey the above advice? What should you do to reasonably file your intention?  

① First, your intention is determined by your interests. For example, if you love the education career, a normal university is the best choice for you. If you like the press industry, the Press Media May be your ideal major. You have received the school education for 12 years, but the university education is much different. A university will provide you with various opportunities to bring out your potential and explore the major of your interests. Your interests will improve your academic performance in university. 

② Second, you should also consider the career prospect of a major. If you do not have a target major, it is suitable for you to choose one with a positive career prospect, such as the Medicine, Education and Law. As a stepping-stone for you to enter the business world, university is the ideal place to improve your business skills.

③ Third, do not confound majors with similar names. For instance, Radio and TV Editing, Radio and TV Engineering sounds very similar, but they are actually two different majors. The former is an art major to train the press professionals such as the TV editor; the later is an engineering major to cultivate talents in electronics and information fields. Digital Media Art and Digital Media Technology also sound similar, but the former contains more art courses, and the later contains more science courses, so there are wide differences between them. In a word, pay attention to distinguish those “similar” majors. You can search the syllabus from the university website to learn more about your ideal major.