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How to Prepare High School Over Holiday

For Year 9-10 graduates, relaxation is an indispensable part of school holiday, but there are other tasks for you.

Since you have just finished junior years of high school. However, VCE study seems to be the expanding of the junior years, they actually bear much differences in knowledge system.

First, you will learn to balance between subjects, your attention will become more diffuse. Therefore, it is necessary for you to arrange your time reasonably. For example, to get prepared for the future adjustment in high school, some students use this vacation to tackle their weak links of various subjects. 

Second, your academic pressure will become significantly higher, both in the amount and the quality of subject. As a high school student, you have to pass the VCE to enter your ideal university. Under such a pressure, the high school learning is inevitably harder than your past study life. 

Therefore, a preview will help you keep pace with your teachers in high school, laying a solid knowledge foundation for your subsequent study.