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How to Tackle the Difficult Questions in VCE?

Every student may be caught by difficult questions in VCE, and the methods to deal with them partly determine the student’s subsequent performance. Here list 3 methods to tackle those difficulties for your reference.

  1. Skip
    Skip difficult questions temporarily and tackle them at last. This method is suitable for students familiar with their own question order and time arrangement in tests, because they can make sure there leaves enough time to go back.
  2. Answer by the question order
    Answer the questions in accordance with the question order, and tackle the difficult ones by writing as much as possible to complete the whole exam paper. This method can assure you complete all the questions without any miss. But for students without a solid knowledge foundation, it also brings risks. Because they cannot properly judge the questions in a short time, leading to the loss of scores.
  3. Answer by the ascending order of difficulty
    This method is suitable for students who have some weak areas in the subject. For example, some students suffer the unsatisfactory performance in probability, so they can put the relevant questions at the end of the VCE Math exam. This method will provide them with sufficient time to answer Calculus, Graph, Function and Algebra questions, helping them perform their best in those topic questions. And the shortened time for probability will not affect the score of the whole test significantly.

In VCE, though there may be various difficulties, you will get your ideal scores through adequate preparation. Here we wish you a good performance in VCE to get into your dream university.