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How to Use 100% of Learning Resources in Y10 – Y12?

Many students regard study as a matter of their own, and tend to isolate themselves in learning. However, in the imperative three years of high school, we need to master not only knowledge, but also the learning approach. We learn for high scores, as well as for self-improvement. For us, high school education is an important transition stage from learning under external instruction into study with self-reliance. To shape yourself into a successful student, the priority is to use the available resources effectively and develop beneficial learning habits.

First, you need to absorb the knowledge taught in classes. Those contents are reasonably arranged and taught according to the common problems among all students. Therefore, they may fail to target the specific problem of certain student. How to tackle this issue? You should absorb the contents as clear as possible. Then, if there remains any difficulty, take every chance to ask teachers for help. The thorough mastery of the class knowledge is the first step of learning.

Second, you need to make full use of your reference books. Those materials can assist your class learning by helping you fully understand the knowledge, consolidate your knowledge banks, and improve your abilities. Therefore, a quality relevant material or service leads to the soar in learning efficiency. However, just completing those books is far from taking full use of them. What you need to do is absorb their contents into your own knowledge bank, and make sure you can independently solve the similar questions in your subsequent learning.

What’s more, parents also need to assist their children in learning. They should provide them with a favourable learning and living environment, and keep in touch with teachers to help improve children’s academic performance in high school together. 

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