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Is Tutoring Necessary in High School Learning?

Nowadays, it seems like a trend for high school students to involve themselves in tutoring. Some buy various reference books, others use tutoring services online or offline. Is the tutoring really necessary? It has the following 4 benefits.

① Enhance the weak subjects. Many students suffer the unsatisfactory performance in one or two specific subjects, such as Math, Physics or English. They will feel more and more daunted and even depressed to tackle those subjects with the new knowledge swarming in. In such a situation, the tutoring for weak subjects can benefit students in both their grades and moods.

② Consolidate the basic knowledge and accelerate learning pace. Due to their lack in adaptation ability and knowledge foundation, many freshmen in high school fail to keep their learning pace with that of their classes, and they learn the class contents superficially, instead of apprehending through analogy. This restricts them to the simple questions and impedes them from solving the harder ones. Tutoring can improve their learning ability by consolidating their knowledge bank.

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③ Promote the further progress. Some students already had a fairly solid knowledge foundation and gained above-average scores, but they are still longing for an improvement. For them, it is necessary to spend decent spare time in tutoring to overtake others in key subjects.

④ Benefit students of performing arts in compulsory subjects. In high school learning, some students of performing arts fail to make a balance between compulsory subjects and their specialties. This slows down their learning pace in class and makes compulsory subjects become their weak links. Tutoring can improve their grades of those subjects, helping them not only gain satisfactory VCE scores but also lay a solid knowledge foundation for further education.