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Key factors to consider when choosing a university

With the end of VCE, many Year 12 students are enjoying themselves in wonderful journeys, or sharing their future plans with friends. As time goes on, their grades will be published later, then it is time for them to file their intentions for university. Here we summarize the key factors in intention filing for your reference.

  • Location.
    Focus on your targeted city and compare the past admission scores and ranks of its universities (find the information from relevant guiding books or websites). Your rank in province will come out with your VCE scores. Compare your own scores and rank with those above, you will approximately assess your chance to a certain college. For the first one or two intentions, choose colleges matching your rank, and for the following, choose those a little lower than your rank to make sure you can be enrolled by at least one of them, instead of missing all. 
  • The comprehensive rank of university
    Many institutions may not have a strong comprehensive competitiveness, but boast some top majors. So they require high scores for those specific majors. Therefore, to make a reasonable choice, you should think considerately: whether to choose a top university, or to choose a top major. 
  • Your own interest
    For students with clear target major such as Journalism or Computer Science, their option scale is fairly small, so it will be easy for them to choose a college. However, more students do not have such clear goals. For them, it is better to avoid their dislikes and to choose a major with a prosperous career future. Besides, study is only a part of the college life; the study environment also plays an important role in shaping a people. 

We sincerely hope you can enter your dreamed university and embrace a bright future!