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Key Points for Freshmen: The Learning Approach to Various Subjects in High School

High school students need to master not only knowledge, but also the learning approach. To help students especially those of Year 10 learn more effectively, A Plus Pal lists the learning approach of various subjects.

Learning Approach to English:

① Keep accumulating. English learning calls for gradual accumulation, from words to texts, which serves as the foundation of English ability. Therefore, the improvement of English ability stems from the constant accumulation of relevant materials.

② Pay attention to textbooks. The textbook is the source of knowledge. Since the VCE English test tends to check the textbook knowledge, students should pay attention to them and learn with practice.

③ Read extensively. Extensive reading provides students with wide horizon, flexible thoughts and accurate language intuition. However, some students regard reading as an inefficient, time-wasting activity. It will be beneficial for them to abandon such a misunderstanding.

④ Do exercises in essay writing. Try to write at least one essay a week. At first, try various genres, and then stick to the most favorable one for constant exercise.

Learning Approach to Math:

① Learn the knowledge points from textbooks and VCE syllabus. According to the VCE syllabus of math, students need to demonstrate and understand all knowledge points thoroughly with the relevant definitions, derivations, examples and exercises.

② Make full use of the error log. Students need to not only record their mistakes in error logs, but also review them repeatedly to gain new experience.

③ Master the common mathematic thoughts and methods. Here list the key mathematic thoughts in high school learning: set and correspondence, classified discussion, symbolic-graphic combination, motion and conversion, etc.

④ Summarize and classify knowledge from multiple angles and aspects. Students can classify the knowledge according to the relevant mathematic thoughts, solutions and scopes of application to make their knowledge bank systematic, methodizing, classified and networking.

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