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Must Avoid!! the Subject Traps in High School Learning

In learning, it is inevitable to meet and sometimes even hard to aware some traps. A Plus Pal lists the traps in English, Math and Foreign Language and provides the methods to avoid them.

Traps in English: inconstant learning. English learning is not a straightforward process. On the contrary, it calls for gradual accumulation. Most good English learners are exactly those with a high literature attainment, which also generates from gradual accumulation. Therefore, many students regard English as an easy subject, which means even you just learn it occasionally, your score may not be low. However, to achieve a high score, it is still necessary to make more efforts. Spend sufficient time and energy in summarising your frequently-erred points and hot points in exams,you will see a significant improvement in your English grade.

Traps in Math: intensive exercise only. Different from English, most students spend much time in Math learning. They buy bountiful learning materials and do exercises intensively, but fail to pay sufficient attention to summarise. This impedes the materials in fully playing their roles. There is no doubt that Math learning calls for an instinct which generates from intensive exercises,but the summary of mistakes bears the equal importance. Many students only have but never use their error logs. Constant advance requires error detection, collection, summarisation and utilisation.

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Traps in Foreign Language: chase for learning speed instead of learning depth. The foreign language plays a role similar to English as a tool for communication. But in the learning process, many students regard it merely as a subject and learn it only for high accuracy and good performance in tests. So they pay much time for exercises, but neglect the consolidation of basic knowledge or the improvement of practice ability. With the practice ability bears more and more importance in VCE, such a learning habit may not lead to a low score, but will prevent you from making further progress.