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Planning head! Get Ready for Your Y10 – Y12

To make a learning plan in high school, the first step is to gain a clear knowledge about the high school period and about the tasks in every subsequent stage. A Plus Pal presents the chronological learning plan below for your reference.

Year 10 is the adaptation stage. Its priority is the adaptation to the learning and living pace of high school. As for living, to make children well-equipped for this stage, parents need to shape children’s basic ability of self-reliance and social interaction. As for learning, since there is an increase in both variety of subjects and depth of learning, students need to reasonably manage and use their time to develop thinking ability and improve learning efficiency. The classes in Year 10 are the foundational ones of high school education, so you need to take steady steps in learning lest you feel confused and anxious in Year 12.

Year 11 is the transition stage in high school learning. In Year 10, there is no problem for you to receive your teachers’ thinking modes and test-taking skills. But in Year 11, it is necessary to develop your own thinking and learning mode. You need to reinforce your strong subjects and improve the weak ones, especially spend your spare time such as the weekends and holidays in filling their loopholes. You also should establish a framework of knowledge which will help you become a quick learner.

Year 12 is the stage for overall review. In this stage, the first step is to keep pace with the review schedule of your school, and make a reasonable schedule of your own. You can list the key points of the three rounds of review and keep altering it in accordance with your progresses. In your early review, pay attention to intensive exercises to master test-taking skills and adapt yourself to the pace of test. Then go over your textbooks, and make your own review plan to strengthen your knowledge bank.

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