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The Key Tasks in the Last Month before VCE

In the last month before VCE, many students think there is no time for them to prepare. It is necessary for you to get rid of this anxiety, because you have the following tasks to do!

  • Review the VCE Questions

At this time, you may have done lots of exercises in all subjects with the questions of previous VCEs. The last month is no longer suitable for handling new questions, but for reviewing and summarizing the previous problems. Sort out the previous VCE questions, make special reviews based on various topics and types, try your best to increase your mastery of them, as well as find and fill the loopholes of your knowledge bank. All the methods above will improve your performance in VCE.

  • Go back to the Textbooks

In this stage, many students may find that it is still hard for them to tackle the calculation problems of Math or other science subjects. To get over this difficulty, they do constant and intensive exercises, but neglect the basic knowledge revision and consolidation. This will cause losses rather than benefits, because those students tend to make mistakes on basic questions due to such negligence. The last month is a good time to pay much attention to the basic knowledge in textbooks. Ensure your mastery of the basic knowledge, then deal with the difficult problems. This is the proper strategy. 

  • Go over the Mistakes

Among all your learning materials, the collection of mistakes is the most valuable one. Since every item in it may reoccur in VCE, you should spend decent time in going over your collection to make sure you will not recommit the same mistake.

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  • Sort out the Essay Writings

Essay writing is one of the keys to building your advantage in VCE, and it also determines your time arrangement in the test. Therefore, by classifying various kinds of writings, it will polish your writing skills and thus improve your writing fluency in VCE. The sorts of writings can be summarized from the previous VCE writings and can be taught by teachers. 

  • Keep Your Best Performance

While much time has been spent on the review, some time should be spared for exercises in all subjects. It is recommended to do exercises in accordance with the VCE time schedule to keep your best performance.