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The Learning Methods of English in School

If students fail to apply the proper methods in learning, they will waste their time and energy instead of achieving their ideal scores. On the contrary, with appropriate learning methods, they can make rapid progress in a short time. Here list the English learning methods for middle school students.

Learning Method for Vocabularies:

Vocabulary is the foundation of English learning. Many students establish their word-base by mere reciting words. However, it is more beneficial for them to apply more efficient methods such as memorising words based on the pronunciations, roots or affixes. In a word, students need to find a method suitable for themselves. At the same time, they should enhance their learning efficiency by fragmented learning. Memorising words does not call for intensive efforts which lead to a low learning efficiency. When you wash, travel by bus or take class breaks, you can spend such spare time in memorising words. By such a gradual accumulation, you will gain a large vocabulary.

Words can not be learned without the help of their contexts. If you only recite a word, you will forget it soon. Therefore, it is better to memorise words by reciting relevant sentences and texts. With this method, you will not only learn the words but also accumulate sentences. Here are three relevant approaches:

① Take every chance of essay reading to memorise words. For example, when teacher require the class to read the texts together, you should read loudly, absorbing the meanings of words through the relevant sentences.

② Accumulate relevant phrases and sentence patterns as well. By learning the relevant knowledge, your memory of words will be strengthened. ③ Classify the words and use them to form sentences. Do this right after your learning of a section or a unit. As long as you can produce a sentence with those words, you will not confuse them.