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Top 3 Tips on How to Study Smarter, Not Longer!!

Arrange Your Study Reasonably

The first step to improve learning efficiency is to make a clear study arrangement. This is necessary for not only high school students learning at home, but also for learners for uni students, or even postgraduates with more spare time. In every learning aspect, a reasonable study plan is a necessity. From short-term plan to long-term goal, a reasonable schedule will guide you to complete the learning tasks, and lead you out of anxiety in subsequent study.

Determine Your Learning Goals

Determine your goals for the near future. They can be short-term, such as the learning tasks for the week, or be long-term, including the final exam, VCE, etc. When there is a belief in your mind, you will find more power pushing you to march towards your goals, and your learning process will become more delightful.

Use Apps to Restrict Yourself

When you studying alone, how to resist the temptation of your phone? You can learn with your friends through online study room. Last year during the pandemic, our students use this method whilst restricting themselves at home and exchange learning progresses with friends. For students with poor self-discipline, it is effective to hide your phone or put it under your parents’ supervision. We hope you all can learn effectively and improve yourself!

A proper method is halfway through success. We can find many effective learning methods from the internet. You may still remember the Ebbinghaus Curve in our previous post “Effective Memorisation Method: Ebbinghaus Method”. Make your daily review plan according to the form provided in the post. Method like this will make your learning more effective.