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VCE Math: How to Create an Error Log for Mistakes Collection

An Error Log for the collection of mistakes is an indispensable part of Math learning, and a quality Log can be your own “knowledge box”. A Plus Pal developed the method of creating such a collection and listed it below for your reference. 

3 Steps to Create Your Error Log

  1. Classifyclassify your mistakes and find the roots of them. Such a step brings two advantages. First, you can index a specific item not only by its root, but also by the relevant knowledge point, which benefits your subsequent review. Second, it is more convenient to record the similar problems together.
  2. Record the Solutions: learn various solutions from your teachers or from the reference books. At the same time, note the reasons of your mistakes and reflect the problems in your thoughts.
  3. Bind in Loose-Leaf Forms: Since the new mistakes will constantly emerge, it is convenient for mistake collecting to put the similar questions together. It is recommended to bind your collection in loose-leaf forms, updating or replacing its content in your subsequent reviews. 

Questions Suitable for an Error Log

  1. Erred Questions: the erred questions are related to the weakest parts of your subject’s knowledge bank. To avoid recommitting the same mistake, you need to record those questions on your collection in time and repeatedly review and re-answer them.
  2. Similar QuestionsThere are many questions of one kind given in different perspectives, so you should summarize their solutions and steps in accordance with their kinds to apprehend them through analogy. Such a flexible method is more effective than reciting the answers of them.
  3. Mathematic Thoughts: It has been pointed out clearly that VCE will check students’ mathematic thoughts, so VCE students should pay more attention to the training of mathematic thoughts in daily exercises. This will enhance not only your ability of test but also that of Math learning and thinking.
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How to Use the Error Log

  1. Rectify the Mistakes Immediately: It is necessary for you to rectify the mistakes in time as well as analyze and summarize them immediately. Your mastery of the questions comes more easily when you are familiar with them. 
  2. Find the Roots: Find the roots of mistakes and solve them is the key to avoiding recommitting the same mistake.
  3. Review repeatedly: review your collection frequently will help you thoroughly understand the knowledge within it and thus make full use of it.

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