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What is the Best State for VCE?

It is inevitable for students to get confused about how to treat the impending VCE. So, what is the best VCE state? Here we will help you keep a proper mindset before, in and after VCE.

  • Before VCE: relax yourself properly in intensive learning to keep your instinct sharp. Many students regard a relaxing mood as the proper state before VCE, and any pressure as the obstacle to good performance. Excessive anxiety indeed impedes their test state, while proper pressure, however, will benefit them in VCE. On the contrary, over-relax may lead to a lack of concentration, making them miss the opportunities to improve their grades.
  • In VCE: Keep the whole test as your priority with a peaceful mind, and do not be bothered by unexpected situations. In VCE, there may be various unpleasant surprises, such as difficult questions or mistakes in filling answer sheets. Do not worry about those situations, because VCE grades are not determined by them, but by students’ general performance. Complete the test with a peaceful mind, you will achieve your ideal scores.
  • After VCE: Let go of the finished tests to avoid their influence. The VCE Math of my year marked the highest difficulty level unseen for several years. It depressed many students and even destroyed their mindset, impeding their subsequent performance. When the Math grades published, however, we found that the average score was rather low, so our ranks in VCE were not affected as much as we thought.

VCE once was the only way for hundreds of thousands of students to pursue a further education, but now, it is nothing more than a university entrance exam. Since your VCE performance is determined by your past efforts, you deserve your ideal scores and your best choice for further education.