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Why Should You Join a Study Group?

On various websites, the college group learning task is the hot target of criticism. Many students post their disappointments about the contents, forms and partners of their tasks. However, for high school students, the benefits of the study group much overweight its defects. So, what are those benefits? Here we discuss them from three aspects.

① A chance to discuss the textbook knowledge with your partners to strengthen your review.

In my Year 9, my class organised the group discussion to review. Every week we had two classes for discussion about our uncleared question solutions, learning difficulties and experiences. Such discussions strengthened our impressions about the knowledge points, laying a solid foundation for our subsequent learning. 

② A chance to help others— you can check and consolidate your own knowledge bank by teaching others.

In a learning group, there are also “teachers” and “students”. Teaching others is not a waste of time. On the contrary, it’s also a review and check of your own knowledge bank. When you teach others, you also make a review. So, do not refuse such a good chance.

③ A chance to find and fill your knowledge loopholes.

Many of you may have the following experience: You overhear your classmate nearby explaining a difficult question, which is exactly the one out of your ability. So you join their discussion and finally all of you get an original understanding. This is a role of a learning group.

To conclude, by joining a study group, you can:
1. Find your defects and eliminate them.
2. Show your unique views to others.
3. Learn form others and improve yourself.

Above are the benefits of a study group.