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Application of Functions

5.2 Applications of Circular Functions

Applications of Circular Functions

  • A sinusoidal function has a rule of the form y=a\sin (nt+k)+c, or, equivalently, of the form y=a\cos (nt+k)+c. Such functions can be used to model periodic motion.
  • There are plenty of examples of periodic motions. For instance, the periodic switch between daytime and night time, circular motions of pendulum, yo-yo, and more.
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5.1 Application of Polynomial Functions

Application of Polynomial Functions

  • Polynomial functions are a very common and useful function that are used in daily life. Below are a few examples.
  • Note that the function might be piecewise. As in, it might be a polynomial for a certain range of the domain, and another polynomial in the other (or it might be other functions like exponential or trigonometric instead).
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