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FM Landing Time

2.9 Introduction to Time Zones

Note: in Further Maths, it is expected that you express time in the form hrs:mins hours e.g. 1:30 hours.

Time Zones

  • As the sun orbits around the world, different parts of the world will experience a different “part of the day”. While some are in broad daylight, others are in complete darkness. We want the time of day to tell us, regardless of where we are in the world, how long we have left before the sun rises or sets. To allow this, time zones are created. Times zones are regions which share a common time. Different time zones are set to different times to give a depiction of when the sun is expected to rise/set in that location.
  • Time zones separated longitude. In Further Maths, we will approximate that each time zone is separated by 15o of longitude and each subsequent time zone differs by 1 hour.
  • Time zones are set relative to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), the time zone corresponding to the Greenwich meridian (0o). Locations east of the meridian are ahead of GMT, while locations west of the meridian are behind of GMT.

Time in a different Time Zone

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