Further Maths Unit 3 & 4 Mater Class

Do you know in Further Maths, the most difficult exam questions are those that connect multiple concepts together.
Knowing how concepts relate can aid in your understanding.
There are some strategies to aid with this and it will be taught in this series of lectures.


Monday 7:00-8:00PM

Don’t forget to attend your bonus Q&A session Wednesday 7:00-8:00pm to have all your unclear queries solved.

  • Frequency tables 
  • Analysing distributions – Categorical
  • Analysing distributions – Numerical 
  • Normal distributions 
  • Z-scores 
  • Displaying multi-variable datasets
  • Comparing datasets
  • Choosing metrics for centre and spread
  • Pearson’s correlation coefficient
  • Correlation
  • Least squares regression
  • The coefficient of determination
  • Interpolation and extrapolation
  • Linear transformations
  • Residual analysis

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