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Maths Methods U3 & 4 Master Notes

Graphs and Properties of Functions [24Hrs Free]

1.1 Introduction to Graph Sketching

1.2 Power Functions

1.3 Exponential Functions [Free] 

1.4 Logarithmic Functions

1.5 Trigonometric Functions Background Knowledge

1.6 Trigonometric Functions

1.7 Additional Graph Types

Polynomial Functions

2.1 Quadratic Functions

2.2 Cubic Function and Higher Power Polynomials

Transformation of Graphs

Relationship of Transformations

Functional Relations [24Hrs Free]

3.1 Introduction to Functional Relations

4.1 Composite Functions

Solving Equation Systems

A3 – Calculus

Application of Differentiation on Graph Properties

Antiderivatives of Functions

6.1 Antiderivatives of Functions


8.1 Anti-Differentiation Concepts

Fundamental Theorem of Calculus

9.1 Fundamental Theorem of Calculus

Properties of Antiderivatives

10.1 Algebraic Properties of Antiderivatives

A4 – Probability and Statistics